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Are you a:

  • Recent resident to California trying to obtain a license?
  • Recent immigrant to the United States trying to obtain a license?
  • Nervous adult trying to obtain a license?
  • Licensed driver trying to brush up on your driving skills?
  • Driver who has been ordered by DMV for Reexamination?

Kay-1 Driving School offers a verity of programs that will improve your driving skills and help you prepare for your DMV's driving exam. We offer the most comprehensive program developed for the purpose of providing important information relating to the needs of new and inexperienced motorists. We have been serving teenagers and adults since 1988.
Our lessons are offered with fully insured vehicles,  equipped with dual braking system along with experienced, patient and state certified instructors. This provides a comfortable and stress free environment for new students to improve their skills and become a safe and confident drivers.  

Adult Driving Packages

   2  Hours Driver Training ( 1 day )
   6  Hours Driver Training ( 3 days, 2 hours per day )
  10 Hours Driver Training ( 5 days, 2 hours per day )
   DMV Road Test ( Long Beach DMV, Please call for details)

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The DMV has the responsibility of making sure that all of us, regardless of our age, are safe drivers. This is a difficult task, and if a senior driver has been told by the DMV that he/she must be reexamined, please do not feel that this is an automatic suspension or revocation of his/her license.

Every driver in the state of California over 70 years of age must renew his or her license in person. Additionally, if a family member, emergency technician, doctor or police officer request that he or she should be reexamined, or if her/his application or driving record warrants an evaluation, the DMV has the responsibility to give him/her a “Reexamination” (also called a “priority re-ex”).

As long as the senior driver is able to demonstrate an ability to drive safely, he/she will be able to retain his/her license. There is no ‘higher standard’ for senior drivers, but all of us can benefit from some training. Senior drivers will need a valid license or a Special Instruction Permit (Issued by The DMV's driver safety office) to take driving lessons. There is no minimum number of lessons that you are required to take. To get additional information about administrative process for senior drivers,  Click here.

Our professional, patient and friendly instructors are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicle. They have had  extensive training to meet the demands of our mature drivers in assisting them to achieve their goal of becoming a safe and confident drivers.

Let us help you gain your Independence back.
Here are some of the services we offer:
  • Preparation for the DMV Drive test. 
  • Accommodation for the DMV Drive test.
  • Evaluation of your driving skills.
  • Training to Brush Up your driving skills.
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   If you need assistance or have any questions, contact us              (562) 596-3989

 Senior Driving Packages

 Senior Driver Evaluation  $115.00          
 2 Hours Driver Training  $115.00
 DMV Road Test ( Long Beach DMV only, please call us for details )  $130.00


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